5 websites where you can write your thoughts

If you are a travel or writing enthusiast and have a passion to share your unique experiences with others using the written word, you can select from the below-mentioned platforms to accomplish this task –

Top 5 websites where you can write your thoughts

  • WordPress.com

WordPress.org and WordPress.com are two popular mediums using which you can share your ideas with others. WordPress.com is a hosted version of WordPress.org and a commercial project that offers free plans with opportunity to upgrade to premium plans to achieve the desired results. 

The platform is free to use but the domain name will actually be a subdomain of wordpress. Thus, a blog address for the same can be blogname.wordpress.com which is a great opportunity for you to explore your potential.  The cherry on top is that the site offers new features and updates to achieve enhanced user experience.

Key features 

  • Custom domain for premium users
  • Attain traffic stats to determine the popular posts and content
  • Create media gallery to integrate external content, images, video, etc. using a drag and drop facility
  • Comprehensive SEO and Yoast features available on premium plans
  • Social media integration to help your readers to stay in touch with your content on a real-time basis
  • Variety of personalized themes and exciting features added every week
  • Mobile-responsive design


  • One of the best sites available on the block
  • It offers custom domains on premium plans
  • Special plugins to enhance your user experience
  • Special features available for premium users
  • Predesigned template design to attain the best results

This works best for – 

Bloggers who wish to showcase their talent by creating a simple portfolio website

Ideal for those who wish to create a simple business website

  • Blogger

Blogger is an excellent choice for those who wish to integrate Google functionality into their website. It is thus one of the best blogging platforms that offer a secure and reliable web presence.

You do not need a hosting provider for the purpose as your Google account is sufficient to kickstart the process. The platform is highly appreciated by professional bloggers although you do not need too many tools for the process.

Key features

  • You can choose between free and custom domain. The former comes with blogspot.com suffix
  • The platform is easy to use and you can choose from various designs, layouts and backgrounds
  • It is easy to monetize your site by integrating it with Google Adsense account
  • Google Analytics helps you to monitor your audience demographics and create content accordingly
  • It is easy to secure your media files using Google


  • Since the product is from Google, you can easily integrate it with Adsense, Google+ and other Google products
  • Simple to use type and push notifications
  • You can edit HTML and add widgets
  • Easy drag and drop options

This works best for – 

Beginner bloggers with no experience

Bloggers who wish to make money through monetization

  • Wix

With Wix, one doesn’t need to have prior coding expertise. It is simple to use and control as you can choose between various themes from their resources and then customize the layout. The platform has stunning templates to enhance your blog appeal.

Key features

  • Special customizable templates 
  • Mobile responsive designs
  • SEO optimization to ensure that you have a rank for your blog
  • You can easily integrate third party apps minus any coding skills
  • Freedom to design using drag and drop editor
  • Comprehensive site builder to ensure you can build and maintain in one place


  • Easy to use templates
  • Layouts that offer flexibility for different designs
  • Flexible drag and drop facility
  • Third party integration
  • Offers text animation and similar elements

This works best for – 

Creative enthusiasts like artists, musicians and photographers

Small businesses or online stores

Creators with no design skills 

  • Weebly

Weebly is another simple and powerful website builder platform. The platform offers drag and drop options as well.

Weebly offers complete freedom to build your blog along with website builder functionality. The fast loading time allows best results for your needs. Overall, the platform gives the best tools needed to create a quick and stunning blog.

Key features

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Media management allows to gather images and create galleries
  • Free personalized template design
  • The site uses multiple apps and third-party integration
  • SEO optimization to rank your website
  • Social media integration to share content over social networks


  • Quick to use and update
  • Wide range of features to choose from 
  • Third party integrations
  • Free hosting

This works best for – 

Small businesses or online stores

Creators with no design skills 

  • Medium

Medium is a no-frills approach to blogging and sharing your thoughts. Hence, if you have a passion for sharing your ideas then choose this platform as you do not have to face hassles of coding, design and development. However, professional bloggers repurpose their old content and create a new channel using Medium to target a larger audience.

It is also easy to connect with readers who wish to pay for quality content using the Medium Partner Program. As a result, you can monetize your blog posts and share your opinions with the world. Thus, if you can create quality content then submit these to the Medium team and they will assess the same for monetization.

Key features

  • Ability to reach out to a large audience base
  • Medium is a free app that can be accessed from mobile device
  • You can easily earn money when someone reads your content
  • Media embeds to integrate multimedia content
  • Social media integration to share your content


  • Built-in audience and sharing with medium readers
  • Allows third party embedding for video and similar content
  • Publish a custom domain or subdomain
  • You can tag three categories per post
  • Ranks your content based on quality metrics

This works best for – 

Beginner bloggers who do not want to deal with creating an actual website

Those who do not wish to create an audience of their own

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